BT_04:01 AM

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between 01:00 AM and 05:00 AM)]

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It’s time for one more meditation
a familiar bird’s perched on a branch –
so close
yet always out of reach;
its song
unbearably sad and irresistible –
like an Alaskan ice banked river
liquid crystal, beautiful and deadly;
or that village reachable only
by a narrow boat 
along Rio San Juan
That bird is destiny fearing the wee hour
no one saves anyone
Is there any sense in talking about love?
Phone calls which used to wake you up
what did they really do?
There is no one
to show up on the horizon
Building sites are everywhere,
they’re building all the time.
Advancement of everything but life itself – 
that is the architecture of the 21st  century;
clock hand deliberates tick
the verdict comes down as tock
smile lasts a moment, life hungers for eternity
hunger is truth, cloud just a practiced trick
While young, Moon is a good listener
but now he is punch drunk
and every romance is ready to rot
– heart will engrave the smallest of details –
what we are made of,
who pursues us
what becomes us
while mountains and forests inhibit our dreams
and we lose ourselves in them
happy and forgetting our hunters
ready for the moment
announced by the hour hand and the bird
recognizing the cue to exit

About Mehmed Begić

Mehmed Begic (1977) was born in Capljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He studied South Slavic languages and literature at Pedagogical Institute of Mostar, Pedagogy, as well as comparative literature at the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo. He has completed none of the above. Lives in Managua, Nicaragua.
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