BT_Shades Defeating [New Link]

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Questions are on the table and I’m on my knees
Daily politics are equal to apocalypse
death which follows
is slow and unavoidable
I’m turning myself in
It’s summer and wind is pushing rain
destroying plantations of poor America
The hungry will get hungrier
air cooler on full bellies
Facts trump memories
What we remember
ages into what we need it to be
what hasn’t been
It brings me to you –
how many times will I be back?
Now we can talk about decades
Don’t worry, I’ll not give away your faces and names
Strongest cup of coffee, a breather from silence
I’m not letting you mount me
I will fall to my knees, turn myself in
Unbearable and sickening
reading of an obituary
in every tiding
Shadows trump the senses
when you think they are ready for goodbye
they are only coming in
questioning how come we’ve turned out like this
drowning me in realization that dead friends
have aged closer than the living

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About Mehmed Begić

Mehmed Begic (1977) was born in Capljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He studied South Slavic languages and literature at Pedagogical Institute of Mostar, Pedagogy, as well as comparative literature at the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo. He has completed none of the above. Lives in Managua, Nicaragua.
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  1. Odlicna pesma, predivan sajt, samo napred!

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