BT_After Midnights

[ mixtape: here ; — (selflessly
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past is beautiful and past is terrible
it earned a spot between the sweetest thighs
memories fade and it’s gone
we wake up on floors
in beds
on edges of everything
leaning against walls, recovering
we raise a glass
and toast
to all the third choices
and things we missed
don’t even try to give this up
however fast and forgetful your hunger is
however comforting the song of a stranger
he’ll be gone before anyone notices
yet remember
such things are real
they carve themselves into us
and as much as we may want to
there’s nothing we can do
they outlive death
to haunt us
like ghosts born blind
unable to see themselves
incomplete in their own misery
wind is mad and wild is the wind
and being touched is all we ever wanted

[foto: Hungry Shadow]

About Mehmed Begić

Mehmed Begic (1977) was born in Capljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He studied South Slavic languages and literature at Pedagogical Institute of Mostar, Pedagogy, as well as comparative literature at the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo. He has completed none of the above. Lives in Managua, Nicaragua.
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