BT_Past the Matters

[ mixtape: here ; — (cruel but
unexpected; mirise na cvijece i voce)]



Letters bear witness I tried to leave
trying to abandon writing I wrote books
and gave up drinking
I kept at it knowing
it wouldn’t work
I go at it again as if by a blueprint
Sisyphean task has come true
my words my boulder-
a useless attempt
What you are reading
has nothing to do with growing up
time has disposed of romance and wrung the magic dry
I didn’t get the chance to show you my romantic self
This is a confession, the best one I can put down
It is a story of a life marching to the cadence of you
Marching cadence of a thought you wake up to
and last one you put to bed
to make a new day possible
but dreams are something else –
soup kitchens for our needs
where all is fruit scented and sweet
Sometimes just a simple love of a man
is madness no one deserves
no one prays for
ages are spent curbing desires
breathing and enjoying
modest glimpses
each moment a million lives
and when you go away
as sometimes it seems you have to
that changes nothing
no drugs no voodoo dolls
nor wine ever will, forget the brandy, it packs no heat –
as long as someplace else someone lives for you

[foto: Hungry Shadow]

About Mehmed Begić

Mehmed Begic (1977) was born in Capljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He studied South Slavic languages and literature at Pedagogical Institute of Mostar, Pedagogy, as well as comparative literature at the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo. He has completed none of the above. Lives in Managua, Nicaragua.
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