BT_Painting The Fire

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The jar returns to the well till it breaks –
i heard her saying that soft as water
without knowing how hard
water could be
Crickets cry their song again
you know the song it goes on
and on remember me when all is gone
The water near my house is often yellow
the water of my father’s house is grey
my love’s water is red she calls it blood
She says It is easy to make a list
of what was lost
or who was abandoned;
chocolate melting in the sun,
stones baking in the heat,
water black below light.
and lights are dim as comes the night
So, you broke a jar, so what, he says
you gonna buy the blouse
will I write all over it
the black waters blues
You gonna invent the summer
and break the days which ran away
and for good over the sweetlife hills
It’s easy to point the finger
it’s easy to make a list
of all that was lost or who’s to blame, i heard
her say, as if anything is different when you fall

[co-written with Ryan Van Winkle. more HERE]

Berlin Live: Calexico | Get Well Soon | Anna Ternheim: more HERE

About Mehmed Begić

Mehmed Begic (1977) was born in Capljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He studied South Slavic languages and literature at Pedagogical Institute of Mostar, Pedagogy, as well as comparative literature at the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo. He has completed none of the above. Lives in Managua, Nicaragua.
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